All you Humans congratulations on being authentically human!

Posted on: June 2012

~”When Subhumans who copy, stalk, and rob Humans jump in front of Humans just before arrival to a destination to cover up their subhuman aberrations by making it appear they are being stalked, copied and/or to cover up all subhuman thefts, stalking and copying…the Subhuman horde doesn’t become any less subhuman or upgrades to Humans… neither do Humans become by any chance subsidized or less human.
So all you Humans congratulations on being authentically human! Leave the process of evolution to take care of the Subhumans!” – Lana Radovic


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  • lanaradovic: Good point! But lets say Einstein is not a hypocrite and does not consider himself an authority. Same stands for us. Whether authority or not someone
  • Quail: I just started thinking... unthinkingrespect means you take all of their ideas to be right... so then that means that I shouldn't be sitting here be
  • Lana Radovic: Tweet


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