All Seeing Does it Better

Posted on: June 2012

After a close Look …look again at the relapse of display! Resisting the push for any hint of what suits ahead written alibi for impermissible … Not the reality not the logic! …Not knowing that losing when given … was a past tense… listened to …yes… in a kick and a kick out…. not knowing it’s a favor …not being around nothingness …not being liked by nobody(s)…it’s quite an honor… so all is forsaken and given away to truly poor…back in the business…with stolen intellects … with nowhere else to go…
The only left impeccable portrayal of dignity proclaims frustration by the premises of a revelation of source… everything it owns otherwise left behind by the creator …regrettably for sorrow… is not moving… luckily for grace…hasn’t stalled and has moved on since inception…the all seeing
…Look look imagine
all this
in a millisecond of relativity of time….Grasp impossible…unbelievable…surreal reality of awakening …real surrealism for unsighted

Art and Writing by Lana Radovic
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  • lanaradovic: Good point! But lets say Einstein is not a hypocrite and does not consider himself an authority. Same stands for us. Whether authority or not someone
  • Quail: I just started thinking... unthinkingrespect means you take all of their ideas to be right... so then that means that I shouldn't be sitting here be
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