Ask the Mountains … It’s not HER THING! – Painting by Lana Radovic

Posted on: June 2012

Made into a nectar splattered over the script …used more than once…but many times the laughter is saddened over the motives …not implications aiming toward reactions…construed and written ahead in a shot where there is no belonging…the laughter….looking for … but quiet time and peace….all else…is not her thing…the peach shaped mirror is happy to recall self-fulfilling prophecy over the weed that falls out of all allowance in a calling of a beach …The chantey moon is scared of its reflection….for her eyes are the safe of its longitudes …sleek… like stardust in a galactic milk …destiny faints digression and shift of focus …they’re mixing up in an intangible property of universe… mind above it all…pushing to lose it…yet someone’s heirloom …is nothing … compared to all the undiscovered Milky Ways… in the infinity of the Universe’s mist …So is all you do… all you think hurts or try to hurt within you and without…To a point pointless …. And leads to unavoidable Happiness over no reason outside us…Other than those we can make more interesting and unrepeatable~

~ Written by Lana Radovic (;)


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  • lanaradovic: Good point! But lets say Einstein is not a hypocrite and does not consider himself an authority. Same stands for us. Whether authority or not someone
  • Quail: I just started thinking... unthinkingrespect means you take all of their ideas to be right... so then that means that I shouldn't be sitting here be
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