Choose yet another silky blueberry song Over gold and diamonds with a soul of clay…

Posted on: February 2011

We built our nest on the roof of Moon
thirsty for another silky blueberry song
Engraved our lives on the ring of tune
Whispering harmony & singing along

In the dawn of solace uprising voice
Flies over burning reasons and fate
The sunset molds each & every choice
Served right away on a soluble plate

In the empirical circle of right and wrong
Behind the curtains of eternal play
Choose yet another silky bluberry song
Over gold and diamonds with a soul of clay.

~Lana Radovic


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  • lanaradovic: Good point! But lets say Einstein is not a hypocrite and does not consider himself an authority. Same stands for us. Whether authority or not someone
  • Quail: I just started thinking... unthinkingrespect means you take all of their ideas to be right... so then that means that I shouldn't be sitting here be
  • Lana Radovic: Tweet


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