To tease the victory with its other half

Posted on: February 2011

You savored the luxury of Another day
…mingled in a surreal crowd of shine
You walked the dogma in yet another way
…willingly surrendered to the bottom line

To tease the victory with its other half
…still happy from yesterday’ confident stumble
To challenge reluctance in the pride of laugh
…still dazzled and sore of being too humble

Go on and sleep over the parade of fame
…sunk in the cushion of irrelevant streams
Cover your reach with a pictureless frame
…give it a real life with your awakened dreams

~Lana Radovic


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  • lanaradovic: Good point! But lets say Einstein is not a hypocrite and does not consider himself an authority. Same stands for us. Whether authority or not someone
  • Quail: I just started thinking... unthinkingrespect means you take all of their ideas to be right... so then that means that I shouldn't be sitting here be
  • Lana Radovic: Tweet


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